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Linen Kitchen | Brief Intro

  • producing kitchen textiles
  • from linen and half linen
  • from towels to gloves and aprons
  • for women and men
  • aprons from long, short, bistro and waiters
  • for professionals & cooking lovers
  • washed kitchen linen

Kitchen Linen | Long Introduction

What housewife doesn’t dream about having her own collection of kitchen linen created just for her? We are here to make these dreams reality.

Our linen aprons can be made from one or several fabrics, with adjustable or regular neck straps, pleated breast or waist area and much more. It can be decorated with lace, handy pockets, embroidered or sewn-in logos and names. We offer aprons not only for women, but also for men and kids, because who says that only women enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

Then there’s a whole range of other kitchen accessories: 100% linen and half-linen kitchen towels (we have technological abilities to weave 50cm wide fabrics specifically for towels), potholders and kitchen gloves (with natural cotton batting inside), bread baskets, teapot cases – everything what a real kitchen needs.

We strive for quality. Known cooks and cooking book authors acknowledge and greatly value the kitchen linen we made for them.

Some of our linen products for kitchen could be found in our e-store Linen Fashion.
Astravo st. 17
tel. +370 450 31389 
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