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Linen Yarns | Brief Intro

  • we dye linen yarns
  • single and twisted yarns
  • wide color range - more then 140 colors

Linen Yarns | Long Introduction

One of our main and most in-demand products is 100% linen yarns.

We sell wet spun linen yarns in the following counts (Nm):
9.5 11.6 17.9 26

Yarns can be made of a single thread or twisted out of two, three or four. All of these yarns are available in their natural (grey) colour, bleached as well as in a range of different colours (from pastel to very intense).

One of our strengths is specialization in fabrics produced from dyed yarns. It lets us and our clients play with colours and patterns, at the same time giving stability to the fabric. That is why we regularly update the shade card according to the newest colour trends of each season.

When making half-linen (linen/cotton) fabrics, we use 40/2 (thickness) cotton yarns. We dye them ourselves and can also offer to our clients.

Some of our linen yarns could be found in e-store Linen Fashion.
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tel. +370 450 31389 
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