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Table Linen | Brief Intro

  • we are table linen producers
  • from napkins to tablecloths
  • we do different models & confections
  • we do custom sizes
  • top sellers - washed table linen
  • available in diverse colors and patterns

Table Linen | Long Introduction

There hardly is anything more pleasant than sitting down for a nice Sunday brunch or cozy candle-lit dinner with your family and friends. Moments like these join people together. This is why it is important that your table looks its prettiest on such occasions.

We do our best to make our customers’ dining rooms as exclusive as they can be, by offering elegant and classy table linen – tablecloths, napkins, runners, placemats and napkin holders. Coming in various shapes and designs (round, oval or square, double-sided, plainly woven or striped, checked, patterned and jacquard) and decorated with various borders, hemstitch, embroidery or dainty lace, it will instantly add a festive touch and create a delightful ambience for your most special occasions.

Some of our linen products for table could be found in e-store Linen Fashion.
Astravo st. 17
tel. +370 450 31389 
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